Hey you, engaged couple!  Today, I’m talking photo memories and what to look for when hiring your wedding photographer. This article will conclude our Sunday School Sessions.

Wedding Photographer Selection | LeeHenry Events LLC
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I hope you enjoyed the sessions and found it useful while planning your big day. If you missed the previous sessions, you can check them out by clicking the links below.

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Selecting Your Wedding Photographer | LeeHenry Events LLC
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Long after the taste of the cake and food has left your taste buds, your guests aren’t sure if you had chivari chairs or chameleon chairs and you vaguely remember your cute flower girl running and crying down the aisle, you will have those beautiful photos that will help capture and preserve those memories.

These reasons and many more are why I always encourage you to take careful consideration in choosing your wedding photographer. I’m giving you three items to look for when selecting the person who will capture your day through his/her lens.

  1. Since the photos will serve as memories to show your family, friends and future grandchildren, it is important to select a professional photographer who knows how to get those important detailed shots and accommodate possible low lighting in your venue, as well. It is easy to bring on a friend whose latest hobby is photography but seek those professionals who have spent time, money and education in their craft and equipment.
  2. Do you know what style you are looking for?  Spend time reviewing photographers’ portfolios whether on their website or in person. Does their style match what you are looking for? Did they get shots you never thought about but fell in love with while looking at their portfolio?
  3. Make sure you understand your chosen photographer’s fee, what is included and the delivery time. You will need to know how many hours your photographer is on site so your wedding planner can make sure the timeline reflects those hours so your important moments such as first dance and cake cutting are captured. At times, there are discrepancies on when you thought you were receiving your photos and when the photographer actually has them edited and back to you. A professional photographer should have the fee, what is included and the timeline listed on the contract.
Selecting Your Wedding Photography | LeeHenry Events LLC
Sulma Valentin Photography
Selecting Your Wedding Photographer | LeeHenry Events LLC
Frolic Photography
Selecting Your Wedding Photographer | LeeHenry Events LLC
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Because your photographer will be one of the most important vendors on your big day and the fact they tend to book up fast, it is important to start your research early. What is your photography style?

I hope you enjoyed the Sunday School lessons these last few weeks. Leave me a comment and let me know how it has helped you.

A new series coming soon…. “Table for 2”.