Photographer By T Jones

Did you get engaged over the holiday? If so, you may be scrambling to figure out what is next. Our “Sunday School Lessons for Engaged Couples” series will help you start your plans. I encourage you to grab your favorite beverage and binge read our past articles. On our actual blog page, type in “Sunday School Lessons for Engaged Couples” in the search bar. You will find several articles specifically for engaged couples that you can use as our blueprint or guide for planning your wedding.

This article is a quick reference on where to start, if you are newly engaged. Before building a home or office building, the architect needs a blueprint for the direction, measurements and ideas for the build. When you plan your wedding, you will need a blueprint which is your budget and your guest list.

To create your budget, make sure you research your local market. Each market segment will differ. For example, Nashville based vendors and venues will most likely cost significantly more than a smaller town in a more rural area of another state.

If you need help with creating your budget, our team here at LeeHenry Events can help.