Taun Henderson Photography

Couples: Have you received alot of solicited and unsolicited advice since planning your wedding? At times, the “noise” can be too much and you don’t know who to listen to except your wedding planner. It’s always great to get advice from others all while deciphering the particular information that works best for you.​​​​​​​​​ I reached out to a few of my previous couples to seek one advice they would like to share with those planning their upcoming wedding.

Per a bride:

“Make sure to choose wisely the people in your bridal party. It’s better to have two good friends versus 10 people who really don’t want to be standing there with you”. Mrs. A.

Per a groom:

“Start the planning process with a budget. The budget may change over the course of the process but you can’t get to where you are going if you don’t know how to get there”. Mr. D.

Venue: Ashton Gardens Atlanta