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What are the seating options for my wedding? Later in this article, I will break down some common utilized seating options. But first, welcome to our 2021 – 2022 engagement season series – Sunday School Lessons for Engaged Couples. This season, we are focusing on some of my most asked questions from my couples.

There are various seating options and floor plans but your venue will dictate the best option. If your reception space is limited, being creative with the floor plan is a must. If you have a large space with a small guest count, it’s important to ensure your space isn’t too empty but at the same time evoke a nice and cozy feel.

I’ll touch on a two common reception seating options but remember each option depends upon your vision, floor plan and venue.

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Sweetheart Table

The sweetheart table is the focal point of the room. At this table, the couple sits separately from the bridal party and family. Because it’s the focal point, it is usually more decorative than the other tables.

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Estate Table

The estate tables are long king size tables that seat a number of people, normally 8 – 10 people. However, most couples opt to have more than one king table which can seat up to 16 – 18 people. We’ve sat bridal party at these tables and immediate family. Dependent upon your venue, the entire reception room can be set up with estate tables.

If you have a seating vision in mind, consider this vision when choosing your venue. If you need help with choosing your reception seating, contact us.