During this week’s Sunday School Lessons for Engaged Couples, I’m giving three do’s and three don’ts for creating your wedding guest list. But first, what is a wedding guest list and is it important to planning your big day?

Your wedding guest list serves as your blueprint to planning. It is the list of invited guests you will send an invitation. The number of people on this list is a driving factor for your budget. The more guests equal more tables, more decor, more food and more drinks per person to serve at the bar. So yes, the guest list is important. Well, at least the number of people you plan to invite is highly important.

I often get questions from couples in regards to narrowing down the list. Below you will find three do’s and three don’ts for choosing who to invite.

Choosing Your List – Do’s

  1. If your parents are contributing to your budget, do consider adding some of the guests they would like to invite.
  2. Create your list by starting with your wedding party, immediate family, friends and then your co-workers.
  3. Create an A list and a B list.

Choosing Your List – Don’ts

  1. If you haven’t spoken to a family member or a friend in over a year or two, you don’t have to feel obligated to include them on the A list.
  2. Don’t send save the dates to people you do not plan to send an invitation.
  3. Don’t offer one wedding party member a plus one and do not offer a plus one for others in your wedding party.
Do's and don'ts of choosing your wedding guest list

Creating your guest list can be a daunting and stressful task but it serves as your blueprint for planning your wedding. Before building a home or office building, the architect needs a blueprint for the direction, measurements and ideas for the build. When you plan your wedding, you will need a blueprint which is your guest list and your budget. I hope this article gets you started with planning who to invite to your big day.

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