Preston BaileyI had the honor and pleasure of meeting “my rockstar” Event Designer Mr. Preston Bailey. He was the honored guest at Brookland’s Foundation “Evening with Designer Extraordinaire Mister Preston Bailey”. The opportunity to meet Mr. Bailey has always been a top priority on my list. You can’t imgaine the excitement I felt when I heard that he would be in Columbia, SC.

The night was filled with delicious food prepared by Seawells Catering, smooth jazz by saxophonist Dante Lewis, great company with Atosha Barboza Bennett of Larger Than Life Events and Jenise Etheridge of Help Me Plan LLC. And importantly, we were motivated by Mr. Bailey’s three important topics which were generosity, empathy and trust.

 A couple of his designs shown below indicates why he is know all over the world. (Photos shown below courtesy of Preston Bailey)

Preston is my rockstar, who is yours?