Escort card ideas
Haute Stock

Last week, our conversation was all about taking a seat. We continue this week discussing the difference between escort cards and place cards.

Escort cards

Escort cards inform guests of their assigned tables. The cards should be placed in alphabetical order in order for guests to easily find their name. I use the term “cards” loosely because there are so many neat ideas than to use traditional cards.

A few fun escort card ideas are champagne glasses filled with champagne with a hand lettered placard table number, mini champagne bottles which can also double as a guest favor, a replica of the groom’s favorite car, wine corks or have the guest list printed on an acrylic box. Just make sure the escort cards are displayed in a beautiful manner.

Place cards

Place cards are placed at each seat at the table to indicate exactly where a guest should sit. If you are having a plated meal, place cards are important to indicate the guest’s entree of choice. More often than not, couples who have a buffet style food service choose not to have place cards.

You may not have both escort cards and place cards at your wedding. However, escort cards are a must unless you are have an open seating arrangement where guests can sit wherever they choose.