Flowers with ring

The proposal was fun, romantic and a night to remember.  The sparkly is on your left hand so what’s next?  After a couple is officially engaged, there are so many “to do’s” that should be completed before the big day. Here are the important first four “must do’s” for engaged couples.

1. Inform your parents and immediate family – Give each person the courtesy of a telephone call. Don’t let the special people in your life find out about your engagement via email or social media. Ahhh…the trusted world of social media. I know it’s exciting to see your Facebook status change from “single” to “engaged” but don’t change this status until you have notified (remember by phone) your family.

2. Pick a date – It’s always a good idea to keep your date a good distance from any upcoming work and family commitments. If you plan to marry in a city that is known for serious bad winter weather, you may want to consider a fall or spring date. Afterall, you want your family and friends to be in attendance.

3. Develop a budget – A few items to keep in mind when developing a budget are the number of invited guests, wedding theme, ideal venue and vendor fees.

4. Hire a wedding planner – It sounds fun to plan your own wedding but hiring a professional planner gives you an edge.  Because of established relationships, planners can recommend the best vendor for you based on personality, budget and design needs. Wedding planners offer so much more! Stay tuned for another post about hiring a planner.

There are more important “to do” items that will have to be checked off before the big day but these four will get you started on your planning journey.  Are you recently engaged? Which of the four items have you not completed?