As my son gets older, I find myself reminiscing more and more on my wonderful memories of growing up in Tennessee. I especially remember playing outdoors all day – as a matter of fact – I would get water from the water hose outside because I was afraid my mom would make me stay inside if I asked for a glass of water.

My cousins and I would spend all day playing with our paper dolls and Barbie Dolls along with games such as Red Rover, Green Light and Kick Ball. We even had our stint of playing with Junebugs ( I highly dislike bugs now).  I know this is going to sound weird and you probably wonder why Child Protective Services were never called but we also enjoyed chasing the mosquito truck and running through the fog that was used to kill the mosquitoes.

With the official start of summer approaching, I thought I would share a glimpse into what my summers used to look like as a child.

What’s some of your favorite childhood memories from Back in the day?

Photo via Demelza Rafferty’s Etsy’s page