Staying busy during Covid-19

  • Stay Busy: Day 7

    Home organization tips

    Stay Busy: Day 7 Spring usually brings about the normal “spring cleaning” fever. Now that some of you have cabin fever (I’m enjoying my downtime), it’s a great time to tackle those home projects you have put to the back burner. It’s a great time to organize your closet, garage or kitchen pantry? You can…

  • Stay Busy: Day 6

    Stay busy during Covid-19 pandemic

    Stay Busy: Day 6 Missing your girlfriends? Why not schedule a video conference? You can have all kinds of video parties – giving yourself a manicure (since the nail salons are closed), cooking dinner or just a quick chit chat.

  • Stay Busy: Day 5

    Exercising for your summer body

    Stay Busy: Day 5 Exercise, exercise, exercise. If you don’t have equipment, pop in a video and get to sweating. As of now, some of us are still able to walk around our neighborhoods. If you can, get outside on the nice days and take a walk around the block. Your summer body will thank…

  • Stay Busy: Day 4

    How to stay busy during a pandemic

    Stay Busy: Day 3 What’s for dinner? I think for alot of us, the norm is to eat out on a regular basis. If you cook dinner at home more than 4 times a week, I bow to you. I’m certainly trying to get better. During this COVID-19 pandemic, another way to stay busy is…