LHE Event: Best Man Holiday Feast & Film

Posted on: July 17th, 2014

Since it’s Throwback Thursday, I thought I would share an event that I held in my home last November. The event was held during the opening weekend of the long awaited movie The Best Man Holiday. I invited a few friends over to feast on some delicious food prepared by Gardenia’s Custom Cakes and Catering. Afterwards, we headed to the PACKED movie theater to watch the movie. Dwayne from D. Terry Photography was there to capture all the goodness.

Best Man Holiday Movie PartyI love it when women meet for the first time and they feel comfortable enough to give each other a hug. Although the women were meeting for the first time, it felt like old friends catching up with each other on a Saturday afternoon.

Best Man Holiday Movie PartyBest Man Holiday Movie Party

After prayer, we ate the delicious food, had some deep inspiring conversations and played “Best Man Movie” trivia with prizes.

Best Man Holiday Party

Best Man Holiday Party

Best Man Holiday Party

Of course, no LeeHenry Events‘ celebration is without a departing party favor which was a burlap bag with a hint towards Christmas inside.  The rich fall colors of orange, yellow and red was used as decor along with diva wine glass ornaments, lanterns and chalkboard paper bag menu cards. It was by accident that we all wore black.  I loved the food, the company and of course the movie was outstanding.

If there’s a Best Man 3, I’ll have to plan another fun afternoon. Leave me a comment and tell me what elements from this celebration would you add to your own private event?

Vendor Credit:

Catering & Cake: Gardenia’s Custom Cakes & Catering

Photography: D. Terry Photography

Decor: LeeHenry Events

Location: Private Home

Celebrate, Tanza

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    Styling an Escort Card Table

    Posted on: July 7th, 2014

    Great backdrop for Escort Card Table

    Are you having a swanky celebration or a formal wedding that requires seating assignments and escort cards? First, let’s talk about the difference between escort cards and place cards.

    1. Escort cards are placed in a central location in alphabetical order and they will inform guests which table they are seated.

    2. Place cards are found on the individual table indicating which seat guests will be assigned.

    The escort cards or place cards can also double as guest favors.

    Since the escort cards are found in a visible location, it should be styled to draw attention.  I’m sharing four ideas to help style the table.

    1. The gold mirror above would look great as a backdrop at a celebration using the colors gold, cream and white.

    2. Having a fall vintage wedding involving mason jars, cowboy boots and a barn? Use caramel apples, homemade strawberry jam, hay and the colors orange, red & rust on the table.

    3. Glass vases, candles, flowers and sequin linen is great decor for an upscale celebration of elegance and grace.

    4.  Having a fire and ice celebration with a bar made from ice? Why not have your escort card table designed from ice as well?

    I hope these ideas help spark some thought into styling your escort card table for your next formal event. What’s your favorite idea? What ideas can you recommend?




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      Friday Friends: Kokoa Magazine

      Posted on: June 20th, 2014

      Friday Friends

      I “met” Kita Bryant via twitter, yes Twitter. Although, we have never met in person, I’ve communicated with her enough to feel as if we know each other. She is a mom, wife, a great business woman and a go-getter. I had the privilege of interviewing her about her awesome on-line magazine, Kokoa Magazine.

      Kita Bryant

      My interview with Kita:

      1. What is your company name?

      “The name of my magazine is Kokoa Magazine. Kokoa in Japanese means of the mind, body, and spirit. You need all three to live in this world. Thus making Kokoa a magazine about the real life of people. People who embody the mind, body, and spirit.”

      Friends Friday-KoKoa Mag

      2. What type of business(es) do you own? Explain what you do for each business.

      “I own Focus Dezigns – A web design and branding company along with my husband. I do the branding and he does the websites. Along with that I run Kokoa Magazine an online magazine.”

      3. Is this a full time business or a side business?

      “My magazine and my business are both full time.  It requires so much of me for each although I don’t get paid a lot for either I still consider it full time work to get to where I am trying to go.”

      4. Why did you decide to take the route of entrepreneurship?

      “I have always wanted to own my own business. I was never a person who wanted to work for others. I am not a person to help you build your dreams when I have my own to build. I will work and do what is needed to help you until I can get mines up and running but I think owning your own business is so freeing and beautiful.”

      5. What has been the most rewarding aspect of owning your business?

      “Getting to set my own hours so that I can be available for my kids whenever they need me. That is the most rewarding part. Mommy is there for all classroom activities, all field trips, and whenever any of my kids get sick.”

      6. What geographical areas do you serve or do you serve nationwide?

      “I like to be worldwide lol. I love my down south people the most because I am from SC but I love reaching out and helping people from all over. It is amazing the people you can meet that are in other countries and have other cultures.”

      7. Are you looking for contributors to the magazine? If so, what expertise subject matter are you looking for?

      “I am always looking for contributors for my magazine. I am mainly looking for business minded people, I would love an intern of some sort to help me manage my social media. I am not picky if someone has something to say whether it’s in beauty, home décor, or food, my magazine is always open. This magazine is about people and whatever someone can contribute I welcome it.”

      Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. If our readers wanted more information, what is the best way to contact you?

      “I can be reached by email at  kitab@kokoamag.com, Twitter @kokoamagazine and Facebook @kokokamagazine.”

      I hope you enjoyed reading Kita’s interview. Please share a comment below and tell me what inspired you the most about this business woman.

      Celebrate, Tanza

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