What does RSVP really mean?

Posted on: December 10th, 2014

LeeHenry EventsIt’s the time of year where we receive numerous invitations to holiday parties. Most likely, you will see the letters RSVP on the invitation. Exactly what does that mean?

RSVP is of French origin (répondez s’ill vows plaît) meaning request for response, please reply or respond to an invitation. I have a simple 5 step guide to help with this little but impactful thing called RSVP.

1. If an invitation is addressed to John and Sue Doe, they are the only invited guests at that address. John and Sue should not bring nor ask to bring others including children. Normally, if children are invited the invitation will read John and Sue Doe and family or Mr. and Mrs. Doe and children.  So, please don’t show up with Aunt Sally, Uncle Jimmy, little Kayla and little Eric in tow unless they received their own invitation. If you don’t have a babysitter, you should decline the inviation. It may not be a good idea to mention the party to others unless you are certain they were invited.

2. The RSVP date specified on the invitation is critical for planning purposes. The host may need to give a head count to the caterer, order enough seating and have enough gifts for guests. It’s critical that you respond by the date.

3.  Instead of RSVP, some invitations will have “regrets only”.  Here, no need to reply unless you are not able to make the party.

4. After responding yes and you need to change to no, please contact the host as soon as possible. Make sure you are changing to no because of a matter of importance and not because you don’t feel like attending.

5. The day of the party, arrive on-time which means no more than 10-15 minutes early. For goodness sake, don’t overstay your welcome. If no ending time was indicated on the invitation, use good judgement by watching other guests. When everyone else start to leave, that is your cue to leave as well.

In the RSVP world, the same rules apply if it’s a holiday party, a wedding reception, a promotion party, retirement, etc. Letting your host know if you can or can’t attend their party is just plain common courtesy.  I’m sure you have an invitation lying around that you need to contact the host and RSVP, so try it.

Celebrate, Tanza

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    Friday Friends: See You There Invitations

    Posted on: December 5th, 2014


    LeeHenry Events Friday Friends

    Judene McCalla is the Founder and Creative Director at See You There Invitations, a handmade, couture invitation studio specializing in all your social event needs. She was voted “Most Popular Invitation Designer, Worldwide” in 2014. Her elegant designs, and creative flair has been showcased as a feature in DIY Weddings Magazine.

    See You There Invitations Interview with LeeHenry Events

    Judene believes that getting to know her clients and who they are, matter greatly in enabling her to custom design invitations that not only will look amazing but will reflect their personality and have it shine through her work. Each invitation is made with equal parts care, artistic flair and the clients individuality. With such great foundations, it’s no wonder her designs display such exquisite loveliness.

    After receiving some great invitation advice a few weeks ago, we wanted to hear more from Judene. Follow along below as we dive more into this talented designer’s world.

    A typical day looks like this…

    Judene works as a legal assistant by day and an invitation designer by night. After the ho-hum of a typical 9 to 5 day at the office, she either heads home or to her design studio and gets the creative juices flowing. The evening time is when she indulges her artistic hand at designing compositions to wow her clients.

    Design inspiration…

    She finds inspiration in her surroundings whether it is architecture, the flora or the fauna in the areas she frequents or the laughter in her clients’ eyes.

    LeeHenry Events Interview with See You There Invitations

    Her client base…

    See You There Invitations is based  out of Canada but provide services worldwide. Judene has worked with many clients from the United States, Europe and even the Caribbean!

    Mac or PC…

    Mac…hands down! It’s great for design work plus the sleek clean look of a mac just inspires you into a cloud of creativity.

    LeeHenry Events Interview with See You There Invitations

    Judene is very talented and her work speaks for itself. If you are interested in ordering an invitation suite or other paper products, her contact information can be found on her website http://www.seeyouthere.ca  along with a delightful portfolio showcasing of some of her completed works. She is also on all popular social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

    LeeHenry Events interview with See You There Invitations

    Thank you Judene for taking the time to talk with me!

    Friends, out of the photos shown, which invitation is your favorite? Don’t forget to check out her website to find more great designs.

    Celebrate, Tanza

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      Happy Thanksgiving

      Posted on: November 27th, 2014

      LeeHenry Events


      Today,  I’m cooking, watching the parade, football and movies, eating and repeating. Be grateful, enjoy family, friends and great food! Happy Thanksgiving!!


      Celebrate, Tanza

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