Why I Decided To Rebrand

Posted on: July 13th, 2015

Rebranding for LeeHenry Events LLC

The word branding has become a popular word in the small business and corporate worlds. A brand is more than the logo, colors and font of a business.  Branding is also your voice, the way you dress and the way clients feel when they experience your service or product.

I have always been a believer in the experience, thus my tagline Experience The Celebration®. Notice that trademarked “R” behind the tagline. It is official but more on that in another post. I like my current colors, font and website but I also feel these items can be enhanced to match the services I currently provide to my clients. No, I’m not rebranding because it is the latest trend but I feel it is necessary to build the LHE brand. It is important to have a brand that my clients recognize and trust.

My inspiration mood board created by Golden Fox Design evokes the feeling of luxury, stylish, feminine, chic, modern, and elegant.  These six words are my brand key words that describe my clients and my client celebrations.

I am excited to see the finished elements and share with you how these colors come together. Which color do you think will be dominant?


What To Do About Your Fast Paced Life

Posted on: June 15th, 2015

Unsplash Nicolai Berntsen

We live in a busy world where life seems to fly by. Can you believe it is June already? We are trying to be everything to everybody! Life is rushing by us. Starting now, I encourage you to take the time to smell the roses, spend quality time with family, friends and especially your children. How long have you been planning that dinner party that keeps getting rescheduled? Set aside an hour a day to make the plans for your party starting with the event date and the guest list. Keep the plans in a pretty notebook or on a computer spreadsheet. I promise you will look back and be glad you took the time.

What have you been putting off that needs to appear back on your schedule?

Photo credit: Unsplash by Nicolai Berntsen

Celebrate, Tanza

The Importance of Adding Details

Posted on: February 12th, 2015

Nashville Wedding Planner and Designer Tanza Cooper with Logo water bottle with pink straws

Why are details so important? Every detail adds a special element to your celebration. Some people feel details aren’t important unless the celebration is a wedding. I beg to differ. It’s equally important to make any celebration special.

In January, I gave away bottled water branded with my logo and some pretty straws. By the attendees reaction, I was the only vendor giving away water which was a welcome treat with all the cake, cotton candy and appetizers the brides sampled that day. It wasn’t just about the water but the opportunity to get my brand out there in front of potential clients. The pretty packaging was an added detail that made every person leave with a positive comment on what could have been a plain water bottle but it turned out to be so much more with the added detail. I even had grooms and fathers to comment on the “cuteness”.

Decor by Andrew Stinson

For one of my cute fall couples, Andrew, the designer brought the details with these cute Mr. and Mrs. pumpkins. The detailed carving in the pumpkins added special elements to the favor table. Friends, do you see how carved pumpkins versus plain pumpkins make a lasting impression? It’s all in the details.

What are some of your favorite detailed elements you have added to your celebration?

Photo credit:

Water bottle: LeeHenry Events
Pumpkin: Lisa Crates Photography

Celebrate, Tanza

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