Navigating The Selection of Your Reception Venue

Posted on: February 4th, 2016

Last week, I gave you the first 6 steps to tackle your wedding planning to-do list. If you missed that post, you can check it out here. Checking items off my never ending to-do list always add a smile to my face. What about you?

Now that you have completed those first five steps, (insert happy dance), I want to help you with #6 on the list.  Here are 5 things to consider and ask the venue coordinator when trying to navigate the selection of your reception venue.

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1. Before you start the process, make a wish list of the things that are important and rank them in order. Are you planning a religious ceremony in a church and a reception in a different venue? If so, you will have to consider two separate venues. The driving distance between the two must be carefully considered. To accommodate your guests, you can offer a shuttle service to transport guests to the reception and back.

2. What season are you having your wedding? If it will take place in the winter, make sure your reception venue can accommodate an indoor reception. If not, this could be an added expense to your budget because you may need to rent a tent and heaters.

3. Can the venue accommodate your number of guests? When it is empty, the space could appear to accommodate everyone but don’t forget the essentials such as table, chairs, bar, etc. Once these items are in place, you will lose alot of the empty space.

4. Do you consider having a cocktail hour important? Make sure your venue can accommodate a separate space for this hour. Some venues will use a private lobby or a space outside of the main room.

5. Does your venue choice fit well with your theme? If you are having a black tie wedding, I don’t think the ladies in long dresses and 3 inch heels will appreciate trekking through beach sand to get to your outdoor beach reception.

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Remember to be considerate of your guests while keeping in mind the elements of the reception venue that is most important to you.

Are you looking for a reception venue? What is the most important element to you? Stay tuned for a special venue event coming soon.




6 Steps To Tackle That Wedding To-Do List

Posted on: January 28th, 2016

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He asked….You said yes. Now what?

Since you were a little girl, (or at least since the era of Pinterest) you probably have planned your entire wedding all without having a potential groom.  After officially becoming engaged, all those dreams are coming true because you now have a sparkly diamond ring on your finger, a real life groom and a notebook full of ideas waiting on your decision.

You are excited to start planning but you are also feeling overwhelmed. Here is where I can help. I am going to give you the first 6 steps to tackle that endless wedding planning to-do list.

1. Decide on the wedding date 

Are there any dates that are significant to you and your fiance’ such as first date, first kiss or a special holiday? If most of your family will be gathering for a pre-planned family event, selecting a date during this time may make sense since most of your family will be in town. You also might want to re-consider selecting a date during this time because it may be a time that can bring on more chaos than normal with the already jammed packed family schedule. If you have your heart set on a particular venue, you may have to re-arrange your date according to the availability of that venue. At this point, you will have to determine which is important – the date or the venue.  Another important fact to remember is the date you choose may also determine the cost of your venue. Venues during off season may be cheaper to rent versus renting during the peak wedding season months.

2. Decide on your budget 

A budget is going to be your roadmap to keep you on track during the planning process. Remember those 6 feet tall vases with all fresh blooms that you saw on Pinterest? Your budget will determine if you can have those on all of your guest tables or only as a statement piece. We will get to the wedding planner next but she or he can help you with deciding your budget percentages for each category based on industry standards in your area.

4. Decide on your wedding planner

 A wedding planner will be your advocate, your confidante and your counselor. She or he will be able to guide you through your Pinterest designs, help you to decide if and where to use those 6 feet vases and be in your corner throughout the planning process. If you just can’t swing a full planning wedding planner consider hiring a planner to come in at the end to tie all of the logistics together and to get you and your wedding party down the aisle.

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5. Decide on your theme

Along with your budget, your theme will guide the rest of the planning process. If you are planning a modern and chic reception with all glass top tables, you probably don’t want to have your wedding in a rustic barn. Your theme will help determine the best vendors to hire and the best venue that fit your theme.

6. Decide on your venue

The hottest venues will book fast so planning ahead is key. When choosing your venue, don’t forget to keep your theme in mind. Next week, I will give you more insight on choosing your venue.

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Imagine how it is going to feel when you have checked off the top six items on that planning to-do list.  I promise you will feel a big weight lifted off your shoulder. Don’t forget to check back next week to learn more about selecting a venue.

I am currently booking clients for March 2016. If you want to go ahead and take care of #4 on the list contact me here.





Bridal 101

Posted on: January 7th, 2016

LeeHenry Events

Are you engaged? On January 16, I am collaborating with Paper Kuts Studio, Opulent Couturier and ND Designs to bring Bridal 101 to Nashville. We will talk all things bridal styling, custom invitations and wedding planning. Space is limited so register soon here.



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